Decoding the 3 Week Diet Program


Decoding the 3 Week Diet Program

The 3 week diet program has gained popularity over the years, with numerous individuals talking about its benefits and significant results. As a program, it was developed in 2015 but was quite successful in the early stages. People were concerned about the period and thought that it was not long enough to help an individual lose weight. Since such claims have now been put to rest, it is time we look into the diet and figure out how it operates. So here’s a brief take on the 3 week diet program.

1. Phases

The diet program operates in phases and takes control of an individual by helping them follow a specific line of instructions. It all begins with phase 1, where you have three meals a day. It’s restrictive in types of food but has no limit for vegetables. In addition to the same, there are prescribed amounts of meat and fish, which balances the entire diet and makes matters count. Apart from that, you also need to follow your regular format of exercise that pushes things further to achieve better results.

Following the initial phase of the program will set you up for the rest and keep you motivated. As a result, the second phase will pass by, and you can keep a tab on your weight to understand the kind of results that you’re witnessing. The third phase of the process lasts for 4 days and is known to be quite significant. During this phase, individuals calculate their calorie intake and move accordingly.

Towards the final phase begins and lasts for over 9 days. It involves a return to the regular healthy eating diet and takes shape when you consume calories based on your Body Mass Index. There are a lot of procedures and steps to calculate the same and move accordingly. In order to achieve the best result, it is always good to follow the manual and take note of different insights that appear in it. Once you’re well on schedule according to the manual, things will begin to head in the right direction.

2. Important Points

Diet Program

Understanding the basis of these phases and following the same are the only means through which a 3 week diet plan will work. If you ignore all the instructions and try to lose weight by starving yourself, everything will go out of hand. So it is ideal to understand the different steps involved in the process and figure out the extent of changes. By moving ahead in this manner, you will begin to face results and all that seemed impossible will turn out to be possible. Hence, understand the procedure and do what is right.


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